Halo 4 - Masterchief

During August, Artem were approached by NJlive (Microsoft) to create the promotional suits for the release of Halo 4 of the leading character, Masterchief. We had a month to create 4 of these suits which was quite a challenge but we had a fanastic team of people all working on it to create what I believe to be the most accurate suits of Masterchief out there, using our rapid prototype and CNC machines to print perfect replica armour from the game itself. 

This was a really fun project to work on for me as I'm aready heavily involved in private commissions within the gaming industry, so being able to do this at work as well was a total joy! I was also lucky enough to attend the majority of the events and dress the actors in the suits and see them in action and all the fans reactions to them.

Well done Team Masterchief, we done good!