World Cosplay Summit

So, I've been working on a costume for the UK prelimineries of the World Cosplay Summit, held at Hyper Japan, over the last 6 months. Its been a long and painful process of sleepless nights creating costumes, props, prosthetics and sets but it all paid off when myself and my partner in crime, Lex, won and are now off to Nagoya in August to represent the UK. Thank you so much to everyone that helped us out during this entire time, couldn't have done it without the support of our friends and family.


Here is our crowning moment, costumes from Yoshitaka Amano's designs for Vampire Hunter D, D and Doris.

And a video of our performance including the set I designed and created


I'm really excited to go back to Japan, its been 3 years since I last visited and I know myself and Lex cannot wait to meet all the other competitors out there. We need to bring 2 extra costumes out with us though, which I'm already getting excited about creating, the creative bug has bitten! I'm hoping to spend an extra 2 weeks out there afterwards to visit some of my friends. 

For more photos and construction notes on my costume please visit my cosplayisland account.