Colin J Smith Photography

I wanted to share my good friend Colin J Smiths work, he's done some wonderful editing for me on my Queen Ravenna and Tauriel photos and is someone you should definitely follow! I asked him to write up a bio for me to share with you all so please do read about his work and give his website a look.


Initially you could say I started in graphic & product design, those were the subjects I have always excelled in, it eventually led to me taking Special Effects (Hons) as my degree. This opened me up to what was possible, be it practical effects or digital, it gave me technical knowledge and boundaries of which curbed ideas and projects to what was possible. Following university, I went mostly digital, with an eclectic array of jobs going from production to post production, then working in theatre to a photographic & retouching studio. I guess I picked up a lot of useful working knowledge, something which i believe is invaluable to anyone in any job, knowing how all the other departments work and their processes makes your job more efficient and allow you to navigate the best plan of action to what you require. I have always been that kid who takes things apart or asks unnecessary question to find out why or how things work.

My photography has been a passion since a young age, though the kicker was when I started freelancing for a production company in London creating all their in house motion graphics for the films / ads they made. This also gained me access to the production side of things and their clients (when they made films of and for). They saw my photos whilst out on shoots and found them to be worthy (ha), they then used me as stills photographer from then on. It gave me a taste for what could be, and so I followed it. My work in post production seems to also have bled into my photography work via retouching, initially it started with restoration of damaged old photographs (which I still offer as a service), then took a turn in to fashion and beauty retouching for a few photographers. I think my favourite are the quick turnover jobs, where I either fix a problem or polish existing work, and thats why I enjoy retouching so much.  I’m always learning, and constantly developing my style which is frustrating because you look back at work you did 2 months ago and you become so analytical and critical. But thats a good thing.

My current work is a mix of VFX, motion graphics, filming, photography and then all the post that goes with it. A bit of a one man band, or Jack of all trades.. master of a couple *laughs*. But I love what I do and am always excited and up for new challenges and projects.

Companies I have done work for : The National Theatre / Luxure Magazine / Sky + Sports + Arts / TFL / No.10 Downing Street / AON / Capgemini / Universal / Lionsgate / Financial Times / Toyota / Jameson / Johnnie Walker / Unilever / Formula 1 + TATA / Princes Trust / Tassimo / MTV / Dior / Nike / Givenchy / i-D / DKNY /